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Best Practices for how to Rekindle Romance in Marriage
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Discipling couples to spiritual maturity in Christ

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Forever Marraige

Tune in to hear godly wisdom and practical advice on various marital topics.

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Training and mentoring program aimed at helping couples thrive in Christ.

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In Community, we grow to be more like Christ as we do life with others.

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We met and married in a whirlwind. We knew one another fifteen months when we married in December 1987. We were both young and dumb. As a result, we were totally unprepared for the marital journey that lay ahead of us. It’s an understatement to say that God’s grace is the only way to explain our still being married today. It seems at each anniversary we look at one another with amazement – “Can you believe we’re still married?!” No one is more shocked than we are. Yet, we both know, there is no one we’d rather spend the rest of our life with than each other.

Our ministry today is based largely around the principles we have learned over the course of our marriage. Our day-to-day ministry revolves around discipleship counseling of individuals and couples. Through years of personal experience, as well as, our experience of working with others, the book you have before you has come into being.

It seems regardless of our backgrounds, our ethnicities, our socioeconomic status, or the season of life we are in, there are principles that apply to each of our lives that are timeless. We believe the principles included in this little book are just that. Our prayer is they will prove to be valuable regardless of the season of life you are in.

- Scott & Dawn Smith

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