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In Community, We grow to be more like Christ as we do life with others
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Forever Marraige

Learn foundational Biblical principles for marriage from world-class speakers and experts.

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Forever Date

Connect with your spouse through a fun, romantic, and memorable date night curated entirely by our team.

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In Community, We grow to be more like Christ as we do life with others.

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What People Are Saying

"We are delighted to partner with Forever Ministries, and I'm confident you will be wonderfully encouraged by their events and conferences. I recommend Forever Ministries to any married couple seeking to grow in the Lord."

- Dr. Tom Smiley, Senior Pastor, Lakewood Baptist Church

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"God designed sex. In the first book of the Bible, in the first chapter, God blessed the first man and the first woman and encouraged them to “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28). As originally designed, sexual intimacy, in marriage between one man and one woman for all of life, was to create a bond void of shame (Genesis 2:24,25). Unfortunately, the fall of mankind (Genesis 3) disrupted God’s original design for human sexuality. Ever since, sexuality in marriage for many couples is wrought with shame, fear, lying, hiding and blame.

Therefore, in this 6 lesson guide, we hope to help you and your spouse address the main issues that tend to cause couples the most trouble." - Forever Ministries Board Members Scott & Dawn Smith

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