So then let us pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.” Romans 14:19

Years ago, we realized many of the issues we faced in our marriage had little to nothing to do with one another. More often than not, one or both of us had issues from our past that we had never made peace with.

The vast majority of problems people face today are the result of unresolved personal and spiritual conflicts from yesterday. Make peace with your past. It’s the only way to have a preferable future.

Do you have a strained relationship with someone? If so, make peace with them. Do you have hurtful experiences from your past that still haunt your life today? If so, make peace with that part of your past.

How do you do that? First, be honest with yourself. You know better than anyone what is affecting you. You know if someone’s words or actions have wounded you. Make peace with your past.

Second, ask God for healing. God, through Jesus Christ, is the only way you will ever experience lasting freedom and healing from the wounds of your past.

Third, seek godly counsel. Find someone you can confide in and trust. Preferably, find someone who has experience with the issue you are dealing with.

Most of us prefer to forget the past rather than make peace with the past. After all, it’s in the past. Let’s just let it stay there. The problem with that is the past rarely stays in the past. Those days affect these days. Those days affect everything in the present – how we think, what we believe, how we feel, how we act, how we behave, and even some of the habits we have. Suffice it to say, not making peace with our past has its consequences that may potentially affect our destiny.

Be honest with yourself. Is there something from your past that still affects you? What do you need to do to make peace with that issue…forgive a person, relinquish the right to continue punishing another person or maybe even yourself?

Make peace with your past. It’s the only way to move forward in a healthy way towards your future.