Through the years we have been amazed as we’ve shared our personal and marital struggles with others. Most of the time when we share our story and our struggles, it almost always connects with someone else’s struggles. And, as we have shared our story, there have been times we could see the chains of bondage and guilt break from people’s lives. We have come to realize the keys to our freedom have often been the keys to someone else’s freedom.

In Christ, we are free. We are free from the bondage of sin. We are free from the shame of our past. We are free from the guilt of our sin. We are free in Christ!

There is nothing we can do to set ourselves free. Freedom is the result of what Christ has already done. Our good works won’t set us free. Our stand for social justice won’t set us free. Christ and His finished work on the Cross is what sets you and me free.

What sets you free often sets someone else free. Have you ever confessed something to someone only to have them confess that they, too, share the same struggle? The keys to your freedom will often be the keys to someone else’s freedom.

Don’t be afraid of being the first to admit you struggle with an issue. Take a chance. Chances are someone else has the same struggle. They may not have the courage to admit it yet. Or, they may be too ashamed to admit the struggle.

Countless times we have witnessed others share their story of freedom and healing through Jesus Christ. Freedom and healing from addiction. Freedom and healing from a broken marriage. Freedom and healing from an unwanted pregnancy. As they have courageously and humbly shared their story, the keys to their freedom and healing became the keys to someone else’s freedom and healing in Jesus Christ.

Is there something Christ wants you to bring to the light, to share with others? If so, do you have someone with whom you can confidentially share? Are you willing to allow the slavery of your past and your eventual freedom and healing in Christ to become the keys to someone else’s freedom? If so, what’s the next step for you to take?